Laxmi Arvind’s Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Laxmi Arvind
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I’ve been a runner, a little over 6 years now. Although it just happened to me, I was never quite serious about the distances until last year when Covid changed our lives. It was in Mar’20 I decided to train for my first marathon.

The following 6 months of training was an eye opener for me. I realised it was a combination of multiple things that went into making you a good runner. Nutrition and protein played a very very important role in recovering from those long miles.

Fast forward to Feb’21 I achieved my goal of doing a full marathon. However, between what next and being lax about my off season I went a bit careless on my food habits. Although I ate clean I was not conscious about what went into my plate.

That is when it struck me hard that it’s time to get back to shape! I had always admired Sumukh’s post about nutrition and workouts on social media.I have known him for years now and have seen him transform. I instantly knew he would be the right person to reach out to who can help me with tweaking my diet and proper nutrition based on my needs as an athelete.

I have had hypothyroid for last 15yrs due to which have been victim of hormonal imbalances. I wanted to fix these things by reaching out to a professional.

That’s how MHB happened !! It’s been over 3 months and it’s been a fabulous journey. Within the first few weeks I could feel the changes in my energy levels. Inches reduced and so did fat%. I am able to run better and faster. And ofcourse it was so easy following the chart and the best part is I could eat more 😀😀😀 I am training for my next marathon. Would like to thank the entire team for the great job they are doing.

Wishing them good luck with everything 🎉”




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