Lisha’s Quest For A Healthy Lifestyle

Client Name – Lisha S
Total weight loss – 5 kgs (63-58 Kgs)
Duration – 12 weeks



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“Having tried all the possible strategies to lose weight and not succeeding in any of those, I was kind of desperate and quit everything. It was then I started noticing the transformations on the MHB Instagram page and decided to give this also a try.

*With 100% certainty, I can say that this was one of the best decisions that I had taken in my whole life.*

In my journey with my buddy Nupur, I have unlearned several nonsenses I used to believe and relearned many new things regarding fitness, to be more precise – wellness. Most importantly, I realized how beautifully we can take care of our health just by making small changes in our routine.

Now glancing at my pictures there is a huge difference in my physical appearance and so is my mental state from the previous me. Looking back into the path through which I reached here I can watch a girl who is growing drastically by her mind and learning a lot of things that are valuable for her entire life.

Thousands of kisses and hugs to my buddy for making my journey even more beautiful with her constant love, support, and motivation.Thank yOu soO much dear😘♥️”


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