Loveena Seth’s Postpartum Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Loveena Seth
TotalWeight Loss: 9Kgs (70Kgs – 61Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“Postpartum weight and those extra inches is every new mommy’s concern. I too was skeptical about getting better in terms of weight, inches and even my energy level.

It was only 4 months postpartum when I joined the MHB program and I was a lactating mommy so I was even more concerned about cutting down on my food. But to all my skepticism and queries, there was one answer, coach ‘Neha Shetty’. She took care of me throughout the journey, looking after my dietary needs and helping me getting back into a fitter body.

She changed my perspective towards a healthy life and guided me to focus on calorie deficit and strength training. To be honest, even if I consumed less calories, I was still keeping full. That’s how I learned about eating right and not starving. I am still trying to work on myself following the guidance provided by Neha.

Thank you so much Neha for being so patient with me and for bringing a change in me not only physically but mentally.”




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