Madhumita Loses 11 Kgs In Her Quest For A Fitter Physique

Client Name: Madhumita Hariharan
Total weight Loss: 11 Kgs
Start weight: 100 Kgs
End weight: 89 Kgs
Duration: 24 weeks



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“Last year when I was in a pretty bad shape, I had zero confidence. I have in the past tried losing weight, but haven’t been consistent with my efforts.

I found MHB on instagram when I was desperately in need of a personal coach who can help me lose weights at my pace, eating what I like. Having read and heard about various diets, I didn’t believe it would be possible to lose weight eating rice everyday.

My buddy Arpita worked wonderfully in helping me becoming physically active and also pushed me to eat healthy. If not for Arpita, I wouldn’t have been able to feel confident enough to do my workouts.

The encouragement that she gave me throughout the program helped me and I started taking out time in my day to work on myself. I have been able to do some workouts that I never imagined I could.

I’d like to thank MHB for this and look forward to joining back again next year.


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