Madhuri Kushwah’s Weight Loss Transformation Story

Name: Madhuri Kushwah
Total Weight Loss: 2Kgs
Duration: 12 Weeks


“First of all, I would like to thank MHB for the platform they have established in this pandemic. Honestly speaking while enrolling in the program it took almost 2 months to decide and enroll. The only reason behind the delay was the trust issue. But I am happy to be part of the MHB.

Thanks a ton to my buddy Kanav who is an amazing person and a great motivator. If you ask me about my weight loss, it is just 2 kgs, but many inches have reduced. The best thing about Kanav is his happiness each time when I share my pictures and the small changes he makes me observe. He is much happier than me which gives immense strength to me that my coach trusts me. Blessed to have a coach like him. God bless him.

Everyone has a different body type so as I have. My process takes time but it happens. The diet plan given by Kanav is magical and he made me realize that dieting is a Myth and the fact is you need to take good nutrients. In addition to workouts and diet, I complete at least 8k steps.

Lastly would really thank and appreciate all the good work you people are doing. I Would love to recommend my friends.

Thank you”




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