Mahalakshmi Downsized Her Wardrobe In Just 12 Weeks

Client Name: Mahalakshmi Venkataram
Total Weight Loss: 10 Kgs (70 to 60 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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“It was too difficult for me to digest the fact that my size has shifted to L from S, postnatal. I was emotionally down and was very much low in confidence.

I avoided going out, meeting people or even attending family functions. Body shaming is inevitable in our society, even when they knew you have gone through a 10 month process of biological changes in your body.

There were times even L size clothes doesn’t fit me and I would look out for XL. And that was like a wake up call or like a red flag, to do something about my weight.

With PCOS, I was totally unsure if weight reduction is even possible. That’s when I came across “MyHealthBuddy”.

As a nursing mother, I was skeptical about taking up a diet programme and so I was juggling with my thoughts, whether “Yes or No”.FINALLY I said YES to myself and took it up.

My coach/Buddy/friend was Mahak. She is the reason behind the confidence I have gained today. She made me feel easy about the entire process that I never felt like I’m on a diet routine . But I lost 10 kgs in a span of 12 weeks which I never thought will happen, with my health condition. Full credit goes to MAHAK.

I went through a lot of mental stress due to personal reasons amidst this program and I couldn’t follow workout routine properly due to various factors. But Mahak understood my situation and comforted me so well, that she never made me feel guilty about my improper routine. Instead she motivated me to take some time for myself and relax a bit. This helped me to continue with my diet and bounce back to my normal life.

Thank you so so much Mahak!!! You may have trained a lot of people like me but for me YOU are the ONLY ONE who made me smile and move with a lot of confidence in my life, both physically and mentally.



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