Making a strong decision at 40 – Sudeepa’s transformation

Another transformation by our buddy Gaurav Bansl 😎👏🏻👌🏻👍🏻

Making a strong decision at 40, Sudeepa Basu has had an amazing journey. Thank you so much for taking the program so seriously 🙂

Please read below her experience in her own words. 

“I am new to the journey of fitness not because I took up a diet plan for the 1st time in life or that I started to workout for the 1st time. In fact, I have been at it for the last 10 years but always took shortcuts for some immediate relief.

2018 was a milestone year I turned 40 and losing weight suddenly seemed impossible, I blamed my growing age, poor metabolism, socialising habits… the list is long.

However, the mid-life crisis was at play full blown and I could not ignore my desire to look and feel fitter. Looked up urban clap, found MyHealthBuddy approached it sheepishly with very strong views of ‘I know it all’ and got assigned to health buddy Gaurav. I adapted to his meal plan only 20% asked many questions, always had reasons to why I can’t do it and blah blah blah.

Gaurav was one of a kind, I give people a very hard time and mostly chase them away. However Gaurav, was unusually polite and patient with me, he genuinely cared (not only for me but also for all the other people he was working with and shared their stories with me), he is very passionate about this area of work and that had me not give up.

I only signed up for a nutrition plan but he kept pushing me to improve my workouts. He taught me to choose the right protein shake, how to drink it; yes, I was doing many things incorrect.

All of the above has been a jaw dropping contribution to my life.

Some figures and facts: I lost 10 kgs in 6-7 months, oodles of inch loss, I lift weights that I have never done before, I work full time, manage a full thriving household with husband, old parents and a teenage son.”

– Sudeepa Basu


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