Manisha Sharma’s Journey To Ideal Weight

Name: Manisha Sharma
Total Weight Loss: 5Kgs (61Kgs – 56Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I started my journey with MHB with a doubt that whether I will make any difference to myself. And to my surprise it worked like wonders. Because of lockdown and WFH job I had gained weight last year which when reached 61 kg, I got alarmed.

Since last 7 years, my weight remained between 56-58 kg. Although my ideal weight should be somewhere 54 kg but I thought even if I reach 56 at end of 3 months, it will be a achievement.

I chose Neha as my healthbuddy because she looked like a role model to me while I was following MHB. Neha guided me throughout my fitness journey with diet which was not very different from what I usually eat. This made it easier to follow. The workouts were fun and she was always available to help me with any corrections or changes needed. The best thing about her is that you actually connect to her like a buddy.

I never felt hungry or starved even being in diet. In fact, sometimes it felt like I am eating more than what I used to. I never knew the importance of strength training and the impact which small changes to our daily routine make.

This program has given me whole new perspective to the fitness journey. I have completed my 3 months program and to my surprise I went down to 55 kg from 61 kg. It’s a great feeling to fit better to the clothes which were lying in my wardrobe since long time.

Thank you Neha and Myhealthbuddy.”




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