Mannat Drops 9 Kgs For Her Baby’s First Birthday

Client Name: Mannat Motwani
Total weight loss: 9 Kgs (73 to 64 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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“Mannat Motwani joined MHB and came to me 9 months post delivery. She had a four finger Diastatis Recti. Her weight had gone from 56 kgs to 95 kgs during pregnancy. Almost 40kgs! She had been stressed and bed ridden almost all through her pregnancy. She had also had gestational thyroid. Post partum depression was severe. She was irritable, emotional and cried a lot post delivery. She had a goal of being fitter for her baby’s first birthday. And here she is. Stunning and shaped up and enjoying the fruits of her labour literally! It was indeed a Happy Birthday. God bless mommy and baby ❤️❤️

Mannat speaks 👇
“I came across MHB through Instagram and the transformations that I saw inspired me and gave me enough confidence to do so.
I was very confused and wasn’t sure whether this will work for me. But after taking plenty of time, I finally thought of taking a chance.

I must say that I never thought that losing weight could be so easy but my Buddy, Sapna Mam, helped me throughout these 3 months to lose my weight and I could confidently say that I have got the best buddy, You understood me, my lifestyle and my preferences very well and kept supporting me throughout despite not receiving updates from me regularly😅 But I’m sure you are proud of me😉
I truly appreciate u and ur diet plan,So happy and thankful..


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