Marsha Imam Loses 12 Kgs In Her Weight Loss Journey

Name: Marsha Imam
Total Weight Loss: 12 Kgs (76 – 64 Kgs)
Duration: 24 Weeks


“I used to always see these transformations of women who would get back to their ore pregnancy weight super soon and I always assumed it would happen to me too.

But when I gained a whopping 25 kgs of weight, I found that it was easier said than done and soon lost hope.

But then I just happened to stumble on MHB’s page and discovered Ishav. It was as though God had answered my prayers.

She gave me such an easy to follow and filling meal plan (prior to which I was starving myself to lose weight, which was crazy of me) and an exercise regime that didn’t feel like I was being burdened and which I soon started to enjoy.

But the best part about Ishav was how she incorporated this into my mindset and now if I don’t follow my diet or workout or 10k steps, I feel like my day is incomplete.

She has made me a whole new person and I can never go back to my old habits ever again. And the results are for all to see! Thank you so much Ishav!”




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