Mitali’s Journey From Size M To S

Client Name: Mitali Shikerkar
Total weight loss: 9Kgs (55 to 46 Kgs)
Duration: 24 weeks



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“Dear Ankit, First of all a big shout-out to you and MHB! These six months of my fitness journey were totally worth it. Thank you for educating me about the right nutrition and exercise. I didn’t know I could lose weight without giving up on my favourite food. But your diet plan was so simple to follow that even included my favourite meal. Also, the workout plan you designed for me was crafted considering my busy schedule.

This fitness journey was just not about losing weight but creating lifestyle changes. It has helped me with anxiety, regulate my mood and sleep better. Under your guidance exercising 5-6 times a week surely keeps my dopamine levels in check. You have certainly helped boost my confidence through this journey.

Although I have only one complain about you. You’re making me spend a lot of money on clothes. Now that I have reduced from size M to S! And it makes me very happy complaining about it.

Thank you Ankit for this transformation. Thank you for believing in me that I could do it. Thank you for teaching me that consistency shows results and it is these results that keep you motivated.

I’m truly grateful to you. You have all my recommendations! 🙌🏻”


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