Mother Of Twins Had A Remarkable Weight Loss!



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“I had always been a person of slender and lean built. But after i delivered my twins, i suddenly started putting on weight, mostly in abdominal region. Add some post-pregnancy hormonal issues, plus lack of motivation and energy, hectic working hours, raising twin toddlers, etc, and suddenly i felt lost. I did not know how n where to begin. And being a foodie, with a sweet tooth certainly did not help. By the time my babies turned 3, i started experiencing severe backache and knee pain. I just felt so unfit and exhausted. But still wasnt able to motivate myself to do anything. Then i chanced upon @myhealthbuddy on instagram. I saw the transformations and enrolled myself. The first conversation i had with my buddy VIVEK made me feel super hopeful. He assured me that the journey to fitness need not be stressful. He prepared customized meal plans according to my taste and convenience. Workouts were totally manageable, esp for a person who hadnt exercised in ages. There were a lot of hurdles as well, when i wasnt able to follow the meal plans and workouts. But Vivek was always there to put me back on track. And soon enough i started seeing the results.
I lost decent weight. I had remarkable inch loss. And this is not even the best part. The most awesome result was that my backache is almost gone. Energy levels are great. Hormonal issues are under control. And i dont feel tired running after my toddlers.
Vivek taught me not just about losing weight. He taught me about having a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.
Thank you so much to my buddy Vivek, and the entire MHB team .”


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