Nandini’s Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Nandini
Total Weight Loss: 5 Kgs (83 – 78 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I got to know about MHB through a friend and I had made up my mind for this commitment. With the help of my buddy Aman, I had started from zero to losing 5 kgs in 3 months, in addition to losing many inches.

But my biggest achievement in this course would be in realising what major impact workout makes to having a healthy and positive mind. I sure did have many challenges, as a student myself I would have my sleep compromised to finish those assignments, and so would doubt working out on some days.

As Aman always mentions to take it easy but agreed when I said that “I will not feel okay if I don’t workout”. I knew that it had become a habit which I will never get rid off as it also helps me to deal with stress and sleep along with the fitness bliss. Not to sound like a nerd but through this program I’m also being mindful with what I’m eating.

Aman always adjusted the workout according to my pace so it was never too difficult but a little physical challenge I was more than happy to give myself everyday. I can’t thank my buddy enough for the confidence, healthy habits and the positivity I could gain from this program.”




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