Neenu Varghese’s Postpartum Weight Loss Journey

Name: Neenu Varghese
Total Weight Loss: 9Kgs (69Kgs – 60Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I was always skinny and weighed less than 60kgs. Never in my wild dreams I thought I would go up to 85kgs during pregnancy. I came down to 70kgs within10months of postpartum, but couldn’t reduce a bit later on. My clothes didnt fit anymore and my body felt sluggish. I tried all fancy diets and exercises. But there were no results.

That’s when I came across MHB on Instagram. I got inspired by the various transformations but I had lot of apprehensions about how things will work for me. It took me almost 1 month to mentally prepare to welcome a huge change. My major concern was “”consistency”” as I have a small baby and have no domestic help. I decided to take a chance and enrolled with MHB.

Swati was assigned as my coach, who designed my meal plan, steps and workouts. She was very approachable and flexible that I never felt like I am on a weight loss program.

I never had to starve. It was all about eating right. And the meal included everything that we had on a daily basis, so I didnt have to worry about cooking separately for the family. Occasionally I had cheat meals and off days. And the workouts were also doable. She taught me to focus on inch loss rather than the number on the scale.

I started seeing changes from the first week. Later on I started fitting into my old favourite clothes and couldn’t be more happier. And that was my biggest inspiration to keep going.

I am glad I took the decision to join MHB. I can’t thank Swati and the team enough. It was all about embracing a new lifestyle and have a sustainable yet healthy weight loss.

To all those who are trying for postpartum weight loss, please believe in your body. It can do wonders. If we can bring a life into this world, we can certainly get back our mind and body in shape too.

Thank you Neha and Myhealthbuddy.”




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