Neha And Kranthi Lost 18 Kgs Before Their Wedding Vows!


Neha Dogra
Total Weight Loss: 8 Kgs
Start weight: 69 Kgs
End weight: 61 Kgs

Total Weight loss: 10 Kgs
Start Weight: 105 Kgs
End Weight: 95 Kgs

Duration: 12 weeks

“Anubhav thank u so very much with the patience u have had with us, these three months have been super good. MHB was our last resort as we tried everything we could but did not see any changes then one day we stumbled upon Myhealthbuddy page and thought of giving one last try before our Marriage.

Anubhav was assigned as our coach and the journey started very soon, we were given diet plan as per our needs and the best part was we were getting to eat everything and anything we wanted and every week we were noticing changes in our weight as well as our body composition. Within a month time our clothes started to become loose and here we are after 3 months looking as fit as we can be and we are fit as well.

you taught us how important it is for the body to recover and the importance of taking break from workout. Our sleep pattern has drastically improved after you started coaching. You have taught me the importance for protein, staying in calorie deficit and most of all the importance of recovery.

Thank you so much for all the guidance and helping us throughout this journey.”


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