Neha Lost 10 Kgs And Enhanced Her Life As A New Mother

Client Name: Neha Tripathi
Total weight loss: 10 Kgs (70 to 60 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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“All through my pregnancy, I had decided to be conscious of what I eat and not gain unnecessary weight as I am already a Thyroid patient. However, as it progressed, I digressed and gave in to my pregnancy hunger pangs. As a result, after delivery, my weight was 74 Kgs. In about 6 months after delivery, I managed to lose 4 kilos but no matter how much I tried, I was not losing even 1 gm after that.

That’s when I came across ‘MyHealthBuddy’ on Instagram. I went through a number of transformation stories and especially post pregnancy weight loss and came to know that this journey needs to be well planned by experts. What I also noticed is that, almost all the clients had shared concerns which i was facing at that time and this gave me the confidence that my problems can be solved here.

I approached MHB and Mussarat was assigned as my coach. She curated a diet plan that was so comprehensive that I never felt like i was put on a diet. I could have chocolates, sweets, nuts, my home cooked food and what not. She also made sure that all my workouts could be done in my home as I wanted to be near my child as far as possible. Being a working professional and a new mum, I found it difficult to complete my workouts but with her guidance I managed to pull it through.

Best thing with the plan is that we can have our home cooked food and also take a break some times to go out for a meal or two. I am thankful as I was able to shed off 10 kgs even when i didn’t workout in the last 2 or 3 weeks due to family medical conditions. With this plan, I understood the meaning of strength training and its importance and hope to adhere to all the learning in the days to come.
Once again heartfelt thanks to Mussarat and MHB family. ”


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