Neha Lost 11 Kgs Slow, Steady And Sustainable

Client Name – Neha
Total weight loss – 11 kgs (68-57 Kgs)
Duration – 24 weeks



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“I am thankful and extremely grateful to MHB team for connecting me with My buddy Vivek Singh. My first conversation with Vivek , I told him I will not weigh myself unless he asks me to do it as I was not scale obsessed but wanted to get my lifestyle right.

I have always been conscious about eating healthy and also have been a moderately active person. However, I observed that no matter how healthy I ate, either I wasn’t mindfully active and if I was exercising, I wasn’t eating right and hence my health and my body both was off balance.With Vivek as my buddy, I learnt that its not about only healthy eating, its more about how much you are eating and what is the composition of it and what actually is a balanced meal without depriving yourself of anything.

Not only meals but I cant thank him enough for the workouts he recommended. They just get me going everyday and am so happy to share that I have completely enjoyed doing the strength training videos and other cardio workouts. Except for my rest days, I am always up and about to do them.

Lastly I am thankful to Vivek because he trusted me in this journey although I haven’t been completely on point with the updates but his constant progress check has always kept me on my toes and I was able to achieve my target slowly and steadily as I wanted. I definitely would like to assure him that its only going to get better from here. Kudos to a fantastic coach and person 🙌🙌”


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