Niharika Pandey’s Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Niharika Pandey
Total Weight Loss: 8Kgs (80Kgs – 72Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“Anybody who says weight loss is not possible unless you hit a gym or until you keep yourself away from your favorite food, TRY MHB😁

My effort to lose weight started after marriage. My weight was increasing continuously and then I realized it was high time to lose weight. I joined gym, trainers, dieting but no luck there. After pregnancy weight was increasing at an even higher pace.

Then my friend suggested me to join MHB where I was in little doubt but still decided to try.

I would like to thank Prakriti from the bottom of my heart for keeping my moral high and guiding me in right direction. From eating food without thinking of the quantity to keeping the right portion on plate and exercising daily helped me to lose weight in just 3 months.

This program has helped me get back in shape and fitting into my old clothes. And now whenever I stand on the weighing scale, I thank MHB and Prakriti. Being in constant touch with the mentor and with their encouragement you feel someone really cares for you.

Thanks Prakriti for your efforts. You have always motivated me when I was feeling low and guided me in the right direction.”




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