Nikita Jain’s Life Changing Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Nikita Jain
Total Weight Loss: 11 Kgs (70 – 59 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I would like to share about my weight loss journey from XXL to M

After having baby I gained too much weight… before my marriage I was 55 but during pregnancy nd having baby I gained around 15kg.

I ws very worried about my weight. people started to call me as Moti , aunty… I was very upset…. I could not evn take pictures of mine… was not getting fit into my old dress…

Then I came to know about this programme on Instagram….I ws very impressed by their before after post… they had amazing transformation of people and this made me to join this program.

I got Arpita mam as my trainer, she is very down to earth.. she helped me lot, understood all my worries about my weights… she gave me a plan suiting my needs,, she made it very easy in diet nd workout… with her help

I lost over 10 kg…. XXL to L or sometimes M….big thanks to her for changing my life… and thanks to this programme…. and my journey with MHB is amazing… I never thought weight loss can be done in such a easy way with home made food and some workout at home.”




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