Niloofer Rahman’s Postpartum Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Niloofer Rahman
Total Weight Loss: 7 Kgs (58 – 51 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I was somewhat a lean person before my 1st pregnancy, where I gained almost 10kgs. After delivery I was desperate to loose my weight as it was affecting me both mentally and physically. I became more and more lethargic, depressed and started loosing my confidence.I then took this as an alarming call and decided to take care of my health and body.

Then after 4 months of my postpartum journey I came across MHB and made my mind to join the program.I was assigned Subia Ma’am as my coach. She is simply the best I would say, who not only has immense knowledge but very good at her work.Slowly, she became my buddy in real terms.

Accordingly, she not only planned my diet program and exercise regime but also guided and motivated me as to how to have healthy food habits and explained about portion control. I thoroughly followed and tried to give my 100% as I m a working mom too. Nonetheless,I was able to loose 7kgs in 3 months.Today I feel much more energetic and fitter.

I am really thankful to Subia ma’am, without whom this was not possible and whole team of MHB for bringing back my confidence. I shall unquestionably follow the healthy routine in near future.”




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