Nishita’s Impressive Postpartum Weight Loss Transformation

Client Name: Nishita Sathe
Total Weight Loss: 12 Kgs (83 to 71 Kgs)
Duration: 24 weeks



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“My journey with MHB has been fantastic so far ! I have lost 12kgs in 6 months. That’s quite an achievement for me considering this was my post partum weight and I could spare limited time for exercise.

Pallavi has been pivotal in this transformation as she has pushed me just when I needed it and she has identified my pulse and was giving me weekly targets which worked perfectly for me.. she has been patient even though I am not the best student..

I’m so excited for this journey, these healthy eating habbits and exercise is something that I hope to carry on in my life forever. MHB has helped me achieve the impossible. One of the best decisions of my life !”


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