Nissy’s Battle Against Her Eating Disorder

Client Name: Nissy Varghese
Total weight loss: 6 Kgs (73 to 67 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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“Hello Gaurav Ji, Thank you for being patient with me through out this program . Though my weight loss was slow but I really had great inch loss which makes me feel better inside out!

I am still on the journey and MHB really paved the way for the same !

I must say you were very calm (patient!) and approachable for all my doubts throughout !

Also guided me to the way I think about weight loss now! Again this really helped me the way I deal with bulimia ( tremendous change!)

Your diet plan and workout plan helped me eat in portions… I never had to crave or I never felt hungry through out the program. With your guidance I was able to understand the importance of eating protein and controlling my portions, due to which I never felt guilty of what I ate and it helped me a lot in managing my eating disorder(Bulimia).

Thankful again and will definitely achieve my next weight loss target soon!!”


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