Pooja Tiwari’s Weight Loss Journey

Name: Pooja Tiwari
Total Weight Loss: 8Kgs (90Kgs – 82Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I have always been a chubby baby and I didn’t realise when from chubby I became obese to an extent that even walking was challenging. I tried all the short cuts to reduce weight on scale ranging from low carb diet to crash weight loss courses.

And ofcourse nothing worked and I gave up. I was diagnosed with PCOS, I already had thyroid so I simply accepted that I will always be obese. I started shying away from clicking pics, wearing dresses, going to clubs, etc.

One day after crying my heart out in front of a friend she introduced me to MHB saying that try it once as one of her friend became fit after being an MHB member. Initially I had lot of queries as I had spent money, time, and energy already on various weight-loss programs

Then Jeet came into my unhealthy life and told me that how weight on scale is not important, how just starving yourself is not going to work and how the most important aspect of being fit is inculcating long term habits.

These 3 months I have felt more energetic that I have in past 3 years. I have faced many ups and downs as being living a sedentary lifestyle had caused multiple muscular issues due to which I couldn’t exercise regularly. I even cheated in diets and missed exercise now and then.

But Jeet never gave up and always kept on motivating me saying that one bad day does not define your fitness so just get back on track. I have a long way to reach my fitness goals but I am happy of the changes so far.

I feel lucky to have Jeet as my buddy and nothing would have been possible without his motivation. I know I am a really bad student but I hope that in the next phase of this fitness journey I will continue to be better under Jeet’s guidance. Thank you Simranjeet and MHB for everything. ”




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