Poorvi Lost 7 Kgs And Dropped Her Thyroid Levels!

Name: Poorvi Ghosh
Total Weight Loss: 7 Kgs (68-61 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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If I have to be honest, I have suffered from body image issues for a long time now. Before the pandemic, I was in shape (can’t say I was fit, given I was mostly living on wine and wontons); but between 2020 to sometime in July this year, things got really bad! There was a lot of work pressure, so my routine (food, evening walks, sleep) went for a toss and I naturally ended up gaining a lot of weight.

By then, how I appeared (and didn’t fit into my old clothes) started affecting my mood. I started binge watching workout videos, but if anything, they made me feel worse about myself, my lack of discipline and motivation.

Early August, I had my first call with JoggerDada and he told me “Ami dekhchi” (loosely translated: Let me see what I can do), the first of the many! It’s been a little over three months and I am so happy with what he’s helped me achieve.

My Thyroid levels dropped, I feel a lot more energetic, and the best part, I don’t feel guilty when I eat ice-cream/any sweet stuff now.

I have a long way to go but what a great place to be in! I can’t thank my coach and MHB enough for putting me back on track, for making fitness a way of life!


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