Pratima’s Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Pratima
Total Weight Loss: 5 Kgs (93 – 88 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I have been struggling with my weight from childhood During the lockdown it became more difficult to manage, Than I decided to enroll for weight loss program with MHB.

Extremely satisfied to have Neha as my health coach through MHB. In our first chat, I told Neha I cannot leave my Rice/ Roti, and she gave me a meal plan including rice , I have tried all sorts of diet in the past but I’d always give up in a week or two and needless to say never saw any results.

Neha informed me all about nutrition, about the importance of protein, about the realities behind the myths of healthy eating. She gave me a sustainable plan which did not need any extra effort.⁣

Thank you so much for everything Neha, I am not done with you will be coming after a short break again. Look forward to getting stronger with you!”




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