Preetha’s Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Preetha
Total Weight Loss: 14Kgs (92Kgs – 78Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I am mother of a 11 month old who is exclusively breastfed since birth. I had gained 15+ kgs weight during my pregnancy.

My pregnancy was whole roller coaster ride since I had gestational Diabetes during my third trimester and I was very concerned whether I would get diabetes later on in my life.

So I decided to reduce my weight but I never had good source to plan things since I was breastfeeding baby and people around me used to say don’t reduce food milk would get affected so I was very concerned but thankful one day I found MyHealthBuddy in Instagram ad and contacted with them for healthy weightloss journey.

Since I went thru delivery process they checked with me regarding my DR space which I was not aware of !
Thankfully because of them I came to know and we measured it and we started our journey from Feb 6th – start weight 92 kgs.

Ishav my was mentor , she is such a wonderful kind heart and motivational women who always encouraged and kept pushing me with small workouts and simple diet plan which made me to shred around 13.5 kgs in four months and also my DR gap has reduced a lot.

So happy to be part of this wonderful team. This journey has completely changed my lifestyle .

Finally to add on my happiness on this journey – Ishav You are the best mentor .”




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