Prerna Yadav’s Journey To Achieve Fitness Goals

Name: Prerna Yadav
Total Weight Loss: 3Kgs (80Kgs – 77Kgs)
Duration: 6 weeks


“Hello Mam,
Before starting with something, I want to apologize for laziest client you might have came across till now but yes one thing I learned from you is for losing unnecessary body weight, we have to lose your sleep too and “early to sleep early to rise concept”” has to be followed for being consistent towards our fitness goals.

I never tried strength training before but when u provided me with workout videos along with diet plan, my body got addicted to weights and I enjoyed it too as it didn’t make me restless like cardio exercises n running. Within 1.5 Months, I lost 4 inches from every part of my body and 3 kgs of body weight. That’s the biggest achievement for me n my body.

I am sure will follow your fitness goals n diet plan for rest of my life whenever I will for diet. Thank u for being the best n such helping person who guides n inspired me for my all kinds problems.”




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