Priyanka’s Pursuit For A Better Lifestyle

Name: Priyanka
Total Weight Loss: 6 Kgs (69-63 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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“My stressed belly is not so stressed anymore!!

It was when I started to get super tired while climbing three floors to my apartment like an oldie, I decided it was high time to do something about it. As like most of them, I got to know about MHB through instagram. I was very skeptical before starting, But i went through the reviews and they all looked very real and not made up! So there I was, enrolled to MHB.

Abhishek, my buddy, had a call with him on the very first day, and he made everything seem so easy and doable!! He included the mealplans and workouts which I can do on a daily basis.

He always explained that it has taken a long time for you to gain the extra weight, so give your body some time to lose that, it won’t happen overtime and now this line is always in my mind.

Staying away from parents is not easy when it comes to cooking and handling other stresses all by ourselves. I was losing my confidence because of the excess weight i had put on and was stressed all the time.

Abhishek made me realize what to eat, how much to eat and how even a 15 min workout will be fruitful without even hitting the gym. I never used to feel content before starting, i craved more after a full lunch or dinner, used to have just candies for dinner. That’s how i used to be, but now i know what i am eating, take care of what i am eating and i know what my body needs.

It’s not easy to change someone’s lifestyle that too in a positive way but Abhishek and MHB did it. Forever grateful! It is not over here, still continuing with Abhishek and MHB.”


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