Rajashree’s Weight Loss Journey

Name: Rajashree
Total Weight Loss: 10 Kgs (86 – 76 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I was always an obese girl since childhood even though I have made efforts to lose weight at different points in my life. During lockdown last year, I gained more weight due to stress and overeating. My weight kept on increasing continuously. At that point I realized it was high time to lose weight. I tried a few diets and workouts but was not able to maintain them as it was very monotonous and I couldn’t eat anything I liked.

Then I came across MHB one day and started following their page. I used to see many transformations and thought to give it a try. Subia was assigned as my coach and in the first call she explained to me about the diet and workout. She asked me about food which I preferred to have and made a diet chart which was more realistic and easy to follow compared to traditional diets.

I started feeling lighter right from first week into the program but never imagined to have such a good weight loss. Now I find it easier to do physical activities and all my old clothes fit me better. I feel more confident now.

Thank you Subia for being a constant support and fueling up my weight loss journey. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. I’ll forever be grateful to you.”




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