Remya Nair lost 7 Kgs of post-partum weight

Name: Remya Nair
Total Weight Loss: 7 Kgs (81-74 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks


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“Coach – I remember when I first sent her the initial message to tell her that I will be her health buddy, her first response was “Is it really possible to lose belly fat post-delivery of twins? “” and now she has not only lost her belly fat but also running and winning marathons!

I have always struggled to lose weight. With my PCOS and stubborn belly fat, post-pregnancy was even more tougher.

But when I found out about MHB, I thought I will give it a try, seeing all the transformation stories, I got motivated to give it a try.

Buddy Kriti came as a blessing, she guided me through the diet plan and workouts. Made all kinds of alterations as per my requirements.

Her diet and workouts helped me complete my marathon in lesser time than my training period.

She always pushed me to do better and allowed few lapses in the diet too. The lockdown also made it difficult for workouts, but Kriti guided me through it and helped me find alternatives too.

I can say I have changed as a person in terms that I am more knowledgeable about nutrition and taking care of myself.”


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