Ritika Garg’s Uplifting Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Ritika Garg
Total Weight Loss: 10Kgs (76Kgs – 66Kgs)
Duration: 24 Weeks


“My journey with my mentor, buddy Gaurav was a life changer for me*

His trust and confidence on my fitness goals was unbelievable, when I myself was but skeptical about it but that gave me a boost to start with full energy.

Thank you so much buddy 🙏 for encouraging me for workouts and he really pulled me out of my fear towards the different types of food.

I had so many myths about food
rice, pasta, noodles leads to weight gain. Less consumption of food to be right on eating timings etc …

He helped me to develop the food and workout habits, engraved in my lifestyle fully and hopefully will be easily sustainable throughout my life.

As there was never a “NO” to any food as long as taken in quantities.

Being a food lover and strong sweet tooth wasn’t easy for me to loose weight but I learned from him how to enjoy every type of food w/o any guilt but still can achieve your fitness goals.

Thank you so much 🙏 for all of your guidances to be on food, exercises sweet cravings, dull times sickness. He not only made me physically stronger but mentally too 🙏

His finest expertise on this is unquestionable 🙌 Fantastic buddy ❤️

It just happened that I lost 10 kgs with major inch loss working together with him 🌺

To be Continued …. Cheers”




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