Riva’s Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Riva
Total Weight Loss: 7Kgs (81Kgs – 74Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“Moving to new country was initially a big shift for me. I was in a new place with no friends and being at home made it more difficult. All this led to me over eating. Earlier I was diagnosed with PCOD. I was told I had to loose weight by the doctors. I tried going on diets and walks and would eventually give up after 2 weeks. This went on for years.

Finally I though to myself I had enough and I would at least give it one last try when I first came across MHB on Instagram. I enrolled my self thinking ill give it a last try. I didn’t know how it would work as my coach was in India and with the time difference.

I was placed under Kriti’s guidance. Kriti is the best and she brought out the best in me. Initially, I told Kriti I loved eating rice and she said no problem you can eat but it was all about Calorie Deficit. She guided me what had to be done and was with me in every step. Initially, I was not loosing weight and would feel upset and I still remember Kriti telling me that every one’s body is different. Kriti would push me to do my best and was very patient with me.

Looking at myself now after 3 months I feel like a different person to what I was few months back and I know I have a long way ahead to accomplish my goal. I am forever grateful to Kriti.”




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