Rohini, Sheds 8kgs Of Post Pregnancy Weight In 12 Weeks

Name: Rohini
Total Weight Loss: 8 Kgs (60 – 52 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“First of all thank you so much to My health buddy as a whole for making a space where people like me with kids could do lose weight at home without any equipments.

I gained around 13 kgs after my fourth trimester. I didn’t know pregnancy is a package you get a baby and a body which is totally different from earlier. I have cried many days in the trial rooms after trying dresses, in the restrooms where nobody can see me.

I searched for many weight loss programs. Then one day I came across MHB’s Insta page. I should say you people had made wonderful transformations. I saw a video about DR made by Ishav. I spoke with my husband and he was so ready and supportive.

I was so anxious to join because I have a kid and I was not sure if I will be able to stick to the program till the end.

The program started on 17th July. Ishav was assigned to me as my buddy. She spoke with me over the phone and frankly told me it was wrong to be in a hurry to shed weight immediately post pregnancy.

Ishav gave me workouts, diet plans which had everything which I have usually. No fancy diets. No processed foods allowed. She was so clear. I have had my cravings and Ishav was not a nagging person who keeps on checking on you. I started seeing changes from my very first week.

In the week 2 update Ishav told me I don’t have much of DR gap so I can just switch to fat loss program the fee for which was less. I don’t know if someone will be this honest. Because one of the myth I had heard about weight loss programs were clients were just looked as monetary benefits.

From 60.3kgs I am now 52.15 kgs.

I don’t know if you people are aware that you guys are actually touching lives. You are inculcating a better lifestyle for many. Lots of love and wishes.”




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