Rupali Downsized From Size XXXL to L In 12 Weeks!

Client Name: Rupali Jain
Start Weight: 86 Kgs
End Weight: 80 Kgs
Duration: 12 weeks



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“Rupali Jain started her weight loss journey¬†with MHB after scrolling through Instagram. Inspite of health issues, she never failed to bounce back. Her commitment was extraordinary right from the beginning.

Even after her very busy corporate Job,she always tried to finish her steps ,work outs and kept her meals on point. In between the journey also,when her colleagues was down with covid and she had extra work pressure ,she tried to do the best she could do.

I tried to give meal options also in a way that she didn’t had to cook separately for herself and also enjoy her favorite meals too sometimes.

Her top size dropped from xxxl to l and her jeans size from 40 to 34. Her sleep has also improved significantly.

Her attitude of giving 100 percent in difficult times was commendable.”


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