Sahana’s Weight Loss Journey With The Right Guidance

Client Name: Sahana R
Total weight loss: 10 Kgs (92-82 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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“I came across MHB while i was suffering everywhere for tips and exercises which can reduce my postpartum weight.

I had tried many diets and exercise before my pregnancy to reduce weight, which yielded only few results. Now I feel that i really made a good decision of joining MHB.
I got Nupur as my buddy, the first time i spoke to her i honestly tell she never made me feel that I’m speaking to a stranger she was always so calm and friendly throughout my journey.

Firstly i thought what kinda diet plan will i be getting, will i be able to manage the plan, as I’m a lactating mother i thought will it affect the feeds for my baby. But the diet was so well planned, i was easily able to follow and it did not affect lactation as well, I must be really thankful to Nupur.

Though many days i failed to follow the exercise and step count, Nupur was really so supportive she would make me get motivated and help me get back to my track again. It was really surprising for me to see the results, as the plan was effective. I also understood how important proteins are to our body.

I’m so happy that i have lost my weight, and I have gained strength to do work without getting tired very soon. I’m really happy with the Journey i had with MHB and my buddy Nupur.

I would really suggest people to take up the plan as they really effective by all means!
Finally, I would like to thank Nupur for making my weight loss journey so effective and motivative!”


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