Saili’s Struggle With Her Postpartum Depression

Client Name: Saili Salunke
Total weight loss: 5 Kgs (65 to 60Kgs)



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“Hi Varsha,I wanted to thank you for an amazing 3 months that I spent with you. I’ve learnt & grown so much with being on your program. Every phase of it was something that made me get stronger & fitter not only physically but mentally too.

I can say that I’m a completely changed person after being on this program with you. I not only achieved my goals I set for myself but I also was able to understand my body & was able to push myself to create a completely new and healthy lifestyle change.

There were many times when I was lacking motivation, but thanks to your amazing support….I was able to bounce back in no time.

I have lost 5 kgs and incredible inch loss which has totally changed the way I look & feel about myself. I started from 64 kgs and because of my stupidity and some family engagements I have gained weight and reached upto 65 kgs within 10 days. Then you convinced and motivated me in a very easy manner and then I have actually taken this plan seriously and today I am 60 kgs. 😁

For me inch loss is very important than weight loss. I am one of those people who gained weight after the birth of my child. I struggled with post-natal depression so that impacted my lifestyle. I didn’t take care of myself. But in Nov’2021 I promised to get my life back and came across MHB.

I am going to continue my journey on my own from now on just to see how I fair on my own. I have never met you varsha personally but feels like I have very good friend now who will be with me forever.

I can 100% say that anyone who wishes to train under varsha will not only see amazing results but will also inculcate healthy habits that will help for a lifetime.

Thank you MHB and thank you so much varsha for making my life better. Love you dear😘🙏”


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