Sakshi Gupta Overcame Her Cravings And Lost 13 Kgs

Start Weight: 84 Kgs
End Weight: 71 Kgs
Duration: 12 weeks



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“I started my journey with MHB in mid of feb and i had no idea how was all this going to happen, I was soo depressed due to my Fat that I couldn’t understand how things will be sorted for me.

I lost my confidence and started hating clicking my pics.
I hardly knew what is dieting, how to control my cravings, how to be consistent and above all How to get slim without going to gym.

Today after 3 months, its feeling like a magic, a wish coming true, i cannot believe I actually did it..!!! UNBELIEVABLE..!!! It was all possible just because of my coach,my guide- Bharat yadav..!! He just made me consistent in this journey with his commendable support..!! Not every day was same- many a times i lost my track, then bharat became my saviour..!! He used to buck me up, made me realise my goals, supported me, guided me, explained things wid creative examples, answered all all all of my questions related to diet, fitness, exercises and many more..!!

Bharat’s words— “Ho jayega” “Hum kr lenge itna bhi mushkil nahi hai” “Body will resist for a few days, but result will definitely come” “U r my Champ”, all these words proved to b magical for me.. I am really thankful to him and i think it was all worth to be a part of this program which made me feel fit, feel confident, feel positive and above all they inculcated all the healthy habits in me which will remain in my routine throughout my life..!! Without health supplements, without starving, without any medications, without any fancy foods this is the result i achieved..!!

The bestest thing to loose weight all naturally is what made me strongly recommend MHB..!!!”


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