Salonee Shenoy Loses 18Kgs In Just 24 Weeks

Name: Dr. Salonee Shenoy
TotalWeight Loss: 18Kgs (77Kgs – 59Kgs)
Duration: 24 Weeks


“Many thanks to you Kunal for literally being there every step of this journey. when I actually enrolled in I never imagine I would see such drastic changes on myself.

Never did I think I would find myself in the range of 50’s again! From 77 to 59! We made it happen! Yayyyyyy!

Despite my hectic schedule you have always accommodated me and rescheduled our calls and been there to guide me even on weekends. I really appreciate that! 😌

And despite being a doctor myself, I feel I really needed the guidance to a right diet that would suit me and more than that a buddy who would actually motivate me.

You have helped me make major lifestyle changes and I feel soo soo much better, more energetic and happier!

Thank you for being such an Awesome coach!”




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