Sanam Faiz, Mother Of Two, Weight Loss Journey

Name: Sanam Faiz
Total Weight Loss: 4Kgs (73Kgs – 69Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I’m so glad that I got an opportunity to share my experience and journey here with everyone.

As a working mother of 2 kids, it’s bit difficult to focus on what you eat and how you are manging your physical activities. I came to know about the “”MyHealthBuddy”” page through Instagram and I got so motivated and impressed from the feedbacks of clients of “”MyHealthBuddy””program. Then I decided to give it a try and I got the such an awesome coach.

Neha, You have been the best support to me in this 12 week journey. I was always someone who could not be in one diet and exercise due to social and busy schedule. Especially the diet you have suggested to me in the Ramadan time is fabulous.

Whenever I felt like giving up you made me back to the track again, thanks for the patience dear. Now you have educated me to live healthy and maintain it as well. Now I’m not worried or concerned on the weight that I’m seeing the weigh machine, now it’s more like how we are balancing the things properly . Neha made me realise the importance of step count and calorie deficit diet.

I was 73 when I joined and now I’m 69 and for me now pictures speak more than numbers. I’ll definitely work more on myself every day to maintain this.

Thanks again Neha for the daily motivation and for teaching me what’s important and how to do the portion control.”




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