Sanchetna Lost 7 Kgs And Overcame All The Hurdles

Client Name: Sanchetna Kapoor
Total Weight Loss: 7 Kgs (78 to 71 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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“Sanchetna Kapoor joined MHB and was assigned to me 7 months postpartum. She had gone through a difficult pregnancy with gestational thyroid and Covid twice during! She was declared negative only a day before her delivery.

Post delivery, her baby had developed certain issues as a result, and she was very stressed with all the coping up she had to do. And to further add to her misery her husband developed post Covid complications.

It’s not been easy one bit. But Sanchetna’s amazing inner strength and resilience got her through all of that. And she had the courage to pursue her health and fitness goals despite. She had DR and the going had to be slow and gradual. She lost almost 7 kgs in 3 months and has now joined a gym!

Sanchetna speaks 👇

“My postpartum journey had a lot of ups and downs due to which i had blown up like a balloon. It was hard for me to identify myself.

It is then when i decided to join MHB
Sapna was appointed to me as my buddy! She has been fantastic throughout. She understood all the problems I was dealing with and was very calm with me.

She took things very slow. She taught me how just walking and effective meal portions(with no separate preparations) can help you loose weight.

During my weight loss journey also I had to go through some personal problems. She was there not just as my MHB but also a great friend who would check on me every day.

Thanks a lot for everything. Much appreciated. The weight loss journey is still on. I still have miles to go.”


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