Sandhya Lost 8 Kgs By Minor Changes In Her Lifestyle

Name: Sandhya Chaurasia
Total Weight Loss: 8 Kgs (70-62 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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I am very greatful for Arpita for all her guidance throughout the Program. I was at a point in where I wasnt confident at all about my body my clothes were not fitting me and I was slowly moving to bigger sizes which had a constant bothering on my mind but I wasnt really doing anything about it.

I was lazy and skeptical about changing my diet including exercise in my daily routine and then one day one of my friends introduced me to MyHealthBuddy and told me about her personal experience with Arpita.

I was excited however I am a big time foodie and would always want to eat my daily food that I eat, who would know that I can eat maggi and still loose weight😂

The first call with Arpita was so smooth and she assured me that I can eat whatever I want to but portion size is important, when I saw my mealplan I had to just include few items in my daily diet which made me so happy.

The entire program was so easy to follow and within a weeks time I was able to see difference in my body and then there was no going back.

Simple minor changes to my lifestyle has made me fitter and i never feel bloated now everybody around me is able to notice the changed in my body and asks me how I have done it😂

I’m thankful to Arpita again for making so mindful about my lifestyle and food habits. The plan is so sustainable, I can follow for rest of my life easily. Thank you MHB ❤️


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