Sandhya Vijayawada Drops 17 Kgs Of Postpartum Weight

Start weight: 102 Kgs
End weight: 85 Kgs
Duration: 24 weeks



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“I would really like to appreciate team MHB for helping us get fit and healthy from the comfort of our home especially during this pandemic. Kudos to all ! 👏👏

I am so glad i got an awesome coach and a friend through MHB – Athul. You deserve a million thanks (I know you would say it’s all your efforts 😃😃). But without your guidance it would not have been possible to lose 17kgs in 6 months 🙌🙌.

The very first call you gave me the confidence that we will take it slowly and gradually get to see the results. And yessss🥳🥳 the result is just amazing!🔥🔥.

I have been overweight during my pregnancy but thankfully had a safe & normal delivery ☺️. 1 year postpartum slowly started gaining weight (thanks to the junk food & less activity 😅) had discomfort doing day to day tasks. That’s when i started looking for home based workouts (because of my 2yr kid) with a normal diet. And came across MHB on Instagram. My 1st phase was super cool. Athul, you are so gentle and have lots of patience🤗. With an easy vegetarian diet chart you made me understand how being in a calorie deficit works along with exercises. so that way i started noticing changes and felt really good and confident😍. Then began my 2nd phase with little HIIT workouts. Though I have been on and off during this phase, I learnt to take portion control and manage my weight.

So together we pulled off ✌️😄. My DR almost healed (3fingers to 1finger gap), lost 17kgs with pretty good toning. Now i have gone from XXL to L/M size dresses😍😍😍. .

Thanks a ton Athul and MHB for this wonderful program🙌☺️.”


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