Sandhya Yadav Drops 10Kgs In 3 Months

Name: Sandhya Yadav
Total Weight Loss: 10Kgs (78Kgs – 68Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks


“Hi Jeet, So as this journey of 3 months comes to the end, I would like to Thank you for being there in this.
I know that I am a tough client to handle, as I always questioned on number reduction. I have constantly bugged u by asking what next? why is the weight not dropping? Etc etc.

But when I see the outcome I feel so proud of myself. Losing 10 kgs would not have been possible without your guidance. Good that the shops are closed, otherwise I would have gone crazy buying new size clothes.

From XL to M…it makes me so happy. I have tried so many things in last few years to keep in shape..but nothing was stable or constant.

But with your assistance, I have started choosing to eat well, sleep well, and to workout everyday.

Completing steps have become an addiction to me…I can’t sleep well if I miss to complete the step count on any given day. Also along with all this I have learnt so much about the right food and the importance of correct portions.

Thank you again, keep inspiring people and all the very best to you.”




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