Sangeetha Lost 23Kgs And Downsized From XXXL To L !

Client Name: Sangeetha
Total Weight Loss: 23 Kgs (87 to 64 Kgs)
Duration: 24 weeks



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My weight was acting on my confidence and self respect pulling me down through out my life, I gave up caring about myself. After marriage and becoming a mother of 2 lovely daughters taking care of myself never crossed my mind .

I tried starving my myself and did endless workouts but only managed to lose 1-2 kgs which I would gain back again and lacked so much confidence because of my weight and was fed up of hearing taunts from my friends and family. Then I got introduced to MHB program by my sister in law. My journey with MHB started 3 months back .

I had many questions and doubts at the beginning and thank fully got Varsha as my buddy .she is a wonderful friend/coach .She helped me to understand the basics of food , nutrition and impact of excercise.

She constantly motivated and guided me in every step of this journey.The entire program was so easy and I never felt as if I was on a diet .In the first week I was able to see the difference in my body and weight which gave me confidence.My journey started with 87 kg and by the end of six months at 64 kg (23 kgs down) Not just weight loss or fat loss but also my period cycle got corrected from 3 months once cycle to 30 days cycle now and PCOD got reversed.

My skin is glowing now and hair has reduced so much. Because of my plantar fascia problem walking 2k -3k steps seemed impossible but now I’m easily able to do 10k steps and also my plantar fascia problem got revered.

From XXXL to L, 3 sizes down and all my dresses are lose now and also got so many compliments from my friends like I look like elder sister to my daughter.

My heartfelt thanks to My coach /friend Varsha Bhanoor and MHB without whom this journey was impossible ..


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