Sapna Singh’s Quest For Healthy Lifestyle

Name: Sapna Singh
TotalWeight Loss: 5Kgs (67Kgs – 62Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“First of all, I wanna say thanks to my buddy Shivangi❤️. Only because of her I achieved this amazing and healthy lifestyle.

Shivangi helped me alot through this process of weight loss. She corrected me if i was wrong or confused with this plan. She listened to me when I was stressed. Still it’s a long way to go but Shivangi showed me the right path. I will keep in mind all that you have told me to eat.

MHB, I am grateful to your weight loss (healthy lifestyle) program. I got to know about MHB through instagram n I contacted them. I was so confused and nervous before but later one of MHB team members Minal explained me all about this weight loss plan and everything changed after that ofcourse in a best way.

This is the best thing about MHB they always understand your concern.
I feel more energetic now. I eat more now 🤭

I am gonna recommend MHB to everyone who is looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you so much Shivangi.
Thank you so much MHB.”




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