Saumya Loses 10 Kgs Despite Many Medical Conditions

Start weight: 67 Kgs
End Weight: 57 Kgs



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Hi, To all MHB Team and Gaurav sir🙏🏻🙏🏻.
This is about my amazing life changing journey with MHB😊. I have known about MHB through my relative saumya who was a coach in MHB.

It was a difficult decision to make enroll myself in MHB through lots of misconceptions about such platforms.

But when I enrolled myself firstly, Subia mam was my buddy. She prepared my mealplan and exercise schedule as per my convenience with job and according to my lots of disease.😕

As I was suffering from PCOS, Fatty Liver, Kidney Stones, Piles, All time Fatigue, Very low energy level, swelling in whole body and most horrible Endometriosis.

There was lots of hurdles during my this journey….where it was really difficult to follow my diet plan as well as exercise schedule.

But she always motivated me and with her motivation I lost 6to 7 kg weight which was not my achievement , my real achievement was curing my disease . I felt a great relief in them , so I decided to continue my journey

And my another beautiful journey’s chapter-2 begins from here……As I enrolled with Gaurav sir, he gave me a very simple home cooked meal plan and very specific exercise schedule which has really easy to follow.

And in this 3 month’s journey I have lost not only weight and inches but also lost my all disease which mentioned above.

I felt more energetic , had sound sleep and very less mood swings, and overall became more healthier and happier person😍😍

He mades me so comfortable during this whole journey with his ultimate support. Thank you GauravGaurav sir🙏🏻🙏🏻.

My health goal journey will not stop here it will be continued with Gaurav sir and MHB for long, as I have lost weight and disease and gained my self confidence back. For me , It was not about a weight loss journey but it’s about ,to regaining myself. This journey transformed my whole life and thought me how to live well.

Thank you all MHB team😊😊🙏🏻🙏🏻


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