Sehajpal Singh’s 10Kgs Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Sehajpal Singh
TotalWeight Loss: 10Kgs (113Kgs – 103Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“When i moved to NewZealand 6 years ago my life changed big time. My life was only revolving arround work, work And work so i lost total control of my health and fitness.

I had tried Some other “DIET PLANS” however always lost my will power half way through as i was only eating boring salad stuff. On a random day when i was scrolling through Instagram feeds i came across “ Myhealthbuddy” Page.

After following the page and reading real stories from the real people gave me the courage to try it myself. After the initail assesssment i had “Prakriti” as my health buddy. She was always there to encourage me and to support me. The best thing with this specific plan was i was not only able to eat the food i love but also Cheat meals on some occasions as well😂😂.

I could not thank you enough Prakriti for being an awesome Buddy. Thank you for always listening and clearing my doubts. Now i can Proudly say
YES!!! I have donated 13 kilograms of body weight to this universe.

I am recommending this programme to any one and everyone. If you are someone still thinking about joining MyHealthBuddy please stop thinking and join the plan now and loose weight while enjoying your favourite food.”




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