Shalini’s Fat Loss Transformation

Name: Shalini
Total Weight Loss: 2Kgs
Duration: 12 Weeks


“It’s a was great experience with MHB.. 2020 was bit tough on everyone and it has affected me badly interns on health..I have put on weight that too on my tummy..

It was thru Insta, I got to know about MHB and thought of trying it so one day I jus joined and started the journey.

It was really great experience..earlier diet meant to be restricted and avoiding what we loved but with MHB, the diet was plan so flexible n I had the same what I normally eat but in a planed manner.

Was totally sedentary before the program in 2020, but now slowly started my walking and then workout, it felt good because u know what you were aiming for with a proper guidance.

Every month, clicking the progress pic so thrilling and scary too.. but for the 3months, whenever I clicked the pic, I used to be happy and even more motivated to see the changes..

The weight not be reduced a lot but definitely the fat % had reduced and also the inches around the tummy.. that was very visible when I wore an old kurta and it was loose at my belly part which was very tight and I would see my tummy bulging out in Aug 2020. That was the happiest part..

Overall, even now I try my best to follow the same.. it was really good experience.. Thanks Prakriti for guiding and helping me out whenever I had a doubt and motivating when I was almost any to back off.. so on”




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