Shalu Chhabra’s Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Shalu Chhabra
TotalWeight Loss: 5Kgs (74Kgs – 69Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“It’s been long since I’ve been gaining and reducing. Although, I used to eat healthy but because of the lack of right knowledge and realistic ways to get a consistent result, I was not able to meet my goals. It was always somewhere in my mind to get coaching by a fitness expert but couldn’t find the right person.

After going through so much on Instagram still I was never convinced but one day MHB page came my way. I went through it and found the reviews, results, buddies and the posts which hit my mind and I made my decision to join it. I enrolled myself and chose Anurag as my coach.

The journey started with eating food in the right proportions and being aware about quantifying it throughout the day, leaded adding 10k steps as mandatory to my gym workout routine.

Through this program what I learnt about is that there is no need to compromise on any food. No food is unhealthy or makes you fat, the fact is, you need to plan your food when it comes to cheat. For me, no meal is a cheat meal now because, I cook all those fancy foods in my own healthy way with my quantified ingredients.

The journey is not over, in fact it began with MHB Anurag and will be continued.

I am seriously, so happy to learn a stress-free diet which has become my lifestyle and a cool feel that’s eating everything without regret

Thank you, Anurag for being patient, providing guidance, clearing doubts and giving a new vision to see body progress.”




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