Shifa Shaikh’s Junk Food Addiction To Healthy Meals Journey

Name: Shifa Shaikh
TotalWeight Loss: 8Kgs (72Kgs – 64Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I came across my health buddy while surfing through instagram. I followed it for almost 3months before enrolling to the program.

Before enrolling when i used to see the transformation. The only thought that used to run in my head was.. ye bohot mushkil hoga. Humse na ho payega.

Then I thought to give it a try because i had nothing to loose. Then i was assigned to Arpita. THE BEST TRAINER❤️.

When i had the first call with her. She explained me the entire program and she explained it to me in such a way that it seemed all easy.

And everyday when i used to send her the pictures of my meal. She used to complement me.. though it was small compliments but it used to keep me motivated.

More than the weight loss.. the majorrrrrrrrr transformation was change of my lifestyle. From eating all junk to having a healthy meal she encouraged me..

Swiggy Zomato was my go to options for lunch and dinner as i thought I wont have enough time to prepare my meal. The meal plan that she shared was real quick to make.

Can’t Thank her enough. She helped me retain my confidence 🥰”




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